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SCHOTT and SKAN together on NEXTREMA®

NEXTREMA® is an exciting range of GLASS CERAMIC materials from SCHOTT, with a suite of bespoke "engineered" properties, suitable for a whole range of different applications. SKAN was chosen to provide "applications engineering" support, in order to provide the best solutions for the UK market. A few examples of these material variants are listed below:

NEXTREMA® - 724-8 - With the look and finish of a PURE WHTE glazed PORCELAIN, but with far SUPERIOR physical and chemical properties, this fully dense non-porous ceramic is available from SKAN in processed flat form, from 3mm thicknesses and sheet sizes upwards of 1500mm x 850mm

NEXTREMA® - 712-8 - With it's distinctive opaque GREY colour, one flat surface and the other nubbed, this high temperature ceramic transmits IR and blocks light in the visible region making it  ideal as a "hot light source" for night vision systems. This grade is available from SKAN in processed flat form from 4mm thicknesses up to sheet sizes of 1200mm x 550mm and from 6mm thicknesses up to 1000mm x 750mm!

NEXTREMA® - 712-3 - With it's dark BROWN colour and polished surfaces, this body-tinted transparent ceramic excels in high temperature applications up to 750 degC continuous, and is available from SKAN in processed flat form from 3mm thicknesses and sheet size up to 1000mm x 750mm!

The range will I'm sure expand to encompass the full suite of NEXTREMA® products as time goes on however as a start point...

It's a really exciting time for SKAN" Jeremy explains "as NEXTREMA® has proven to be a hugely successful NEW MATERIAL for SCHOTT. We feel confident SKAN can support this rapidly developing niche market for specialty engineered glass ceramics!"


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