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2014 - SKAN End of Year Report

60 years on and yet another growth year for SKAN, increasing sales and market share in many of our key market sectors.

Strong growth in the energy market for Renewables, stabilization in our optical markets across the board and currency exchange have all helped to make 2014 a strong anniversary year for SKAN.

60 years ago!

1954. The year when RCA manufactured the first colour TV set which sold for $1000, and when Bill Hailey's "Rock Around the Clock" topped the charts, the year John Travolta was born, when Roger Bannister ran the first 4 minute mile, the film "Godzilla" is premiered and the first ever "Burger King" restaurant was opened... How things have changed!

The UK is quite a different place but still requires the depths and understanding that more traditional companies with relevant experience can offer!

Over the preceding years, SKAN has adapted, invested and certainly moved with the times, whilst remaining true to its core beliefs and honorable family values of fairness and trust.

Today we continue to supply many top UK businesses, as well as their competitors! Remaining loyal and honoring confidentialities whilst offering unrivaled amounts of ex-stock materials and products within the technical/optical glass sector in the UK.  


The SKAN and SCHOTT relationship has been pivotal to our success over all this time. This was celebrated at a recent meeting in Mainz where our CEO Roger SKAN and his son Richard SKAN were present, alongside several members of the SKAN team who made the journey to meet with the SCHOTT senior management, in a celebration to mark our 60 years!

Clear and ongoing commitment was given to SKAN's contuing work with the SCHOTT Group, not just on our material exclusivities, but across the wide gamut of the SCHOTT materials/product portfolio, providing a local UK base for our trusted British client base!

As mentioned in last year's report, our strength continues to come from our diversity and experience! For decades, we have continued to service a myriad of complex/detailed materials/markets. We have a strong, robust and unique knowledge within our team here, allowing us to flex and move into fast emerging markets where they arise.

As we start to see the UK economy slowly turn the corner, our dedicated and motivated staff here at SKAN remain unchanged. Experienced, lean and agile and more keen than ever, to drive our customer service levels still higher.

So thank you again to our loyal customers and supply partners for all of their support.

Next year looks set for us to build still further, working on a gently rising platform of the slow economic upturn.

From the whole team at SKAN, may we wish you all the very best over the coming festive season and a prosperous 2015.

Jeremy Drew

Sales and Marketing Manager