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2016 - SKAN End Of Year Report

What a year of change it's been!

Close at home, the BREXIT vote rewrote the political map here in the UK. Unsettling financial, service and industrial markets alike, resulting in wide swings in both the Euro and Dollar exchange rates against GBP, and simply reflecting the nature of these uncertain times...

Further afield, the US election of Donald Trump continues to reverberate around the world... Will the "fiery rhetoric" of the election translate onto the statute books in 2017, or will it simply be "diluted and dispersed" by the nature of the office to which he will soon reside...

In times of turbulence and change, people look to those stalwart organisations, structures and businesses, with decades of history and an inherent stability built into their very DNA, in the hope of finding reassurance, trust and strength.

With over 60 years in the glass industry, our business today remains as strong as ever!

2016 saw the launch of many new and exciting products for both ourselves and our customers. But beyond these "new" products, lies an inherent stability, derived from having such longstanding accounts, stretching across so many varied industries both within the UK & abroad and for whom we still continue to deliver the very best, proven and capable glass products/solutions.

So with a strong balance sheet of "New and Traditional" products/markets, SKAN are more confident and better placed than ever, to head into the New Year with a quiet confidence and clear direction.

To all our loyal partners, customers, colleagues and friends, may we wish you all the very best for the festive season and a healthy and prosperous 2017.