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Aspheric Lenses

Product Information

Aspheric lens elements eliminate monochromatic aberrations (e.g. spherical aberration) and improve focusing and collimating accuracy. They replace a multiple spherical element assembly, thereby combining weight reduction and a more compact design. Thus the number of back reflections is reduced, and a higher transmission is achieved.

Aspheric lenses can also be offered via MRF (Magneto-Rheological Finishing) System, guaranteeing high contour precision and surface quality. The main advantages of the MRF System are high performance local polishing, high flexibility and reproducibility. Besides being an excellent tool for producing aspherics, the MRF system allows the fine polishing of spherical shapes (improvement from λ to λ/10), thereby reducing subsurface damage.


Aspheric lenses can be used in a variety of applications, e.g. in high power laser collimators and for focusing optics for head-up-displays.

Forms of Supply

Dimensions: Ø 10 mm - 200 mm


Curved surfaces up to hemispherical shape
Form precision: 0.1 mm – 0.6 µm PV
Surface roughness: < 10 Angstrom RMS