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Filter Glass

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Filter glass
Blue-violet tinted filter glasses with variously specified UV transmittance and high with absorption in the visible and infrared range, as well as clear filters with graded UV transmittances. All filter glasses feature treated edges and are thermally toughened.

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UV barrier filter glasses: 
UVILEX® 390 Z blocks ultraviolet radiation from artificial light sources. Consequently organic materials can be exposed to radiation for considerably longer periods. Used primarily for shop windows and display areas.
Example of use in practice
A garment made of fur is exposed to daylight at a luminance of 1,000 lux daylight. In this case the permissible exposure time without incurring any fading is about 300 hours. With a conventional tungsten halogen lamp double this exposure time (600 hours) is possible. By using UVILEX® 390 Z the exposure time is increased by as much as four times, so that the fur can be exposed to light for a total of 1,200 hours.
Forms available:
Thickness 3.75 mm
Tolerance on thickness ± 0.25 mm
Dimensional tolerance ± 1 mm
Form supplied Flat, fire polished, thermally tempered

Other forms of supply are available on request.

Mechanical properties
Density 2.56 g/cm³
Maximum service temperature 260°C
Bending strength increase > 100 N/mm²
Thermal shock resistance TWB 180°C
Resistance to temperature gradient over pane surface 150 K
The above data for UVILEX® 390 Z is valid for this glass in the thermally tempered state, undrilled and without cut-outs.

Filter glasses for special applications can be produced and include:

  • Tanning machines (full or part body)
  • Technical lamps for materials testing
  • Technical lamps for applications in the leisure industry and advertising
  • Curing equipment for painting

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