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Designer Fire Fascias - Flat and Curved Glass

Offering room heater manufacturers a unique way to “dress” / “frame” their fires using decorated glass.  The application to soda-lime glass of fully saturated colours / simple to complex images and imaged textures / metal brackets, through to fully boxed fascia assemblies, provides designers with a full range of options.

Our latest fascia innovation is in the DIGITAL IMAGING straight onto glass, offering:

  • Photographic resolution
  • Electronic image manipulation
  • The provision of “VIRTUAL SAMPLES” (sent via email)

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Wall 3 BW Abstract Reduced

Consider then, glass as a “BLANK CANVAS” onto which almost any image can be applied, and look at these possibilities:

  • Marble fire surrounds - consistency in appearance and full spectrum color options!
  • Wood hearths / surrounds – Non-combustible solution
  • Complimentary fireside products / designs / accessories
  • “FIRE and ART”

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