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Anti-reflective glasses

AMIRAN® is an optical interference anti-reflective glass. dip-coated on both sides, with a residual reflection of approximately 1%.

CONTURAN® has already proven itself for dashboard covers, railroad destination indicators, computer monitors and TV screens, antiglare filters and much more. CONTURAN® can basically be put to use anywhere irritating reflection occurs.

SCHOTT MIROGARD® is recommended for picture framing with an emphasis on excellent, anti-reflective properties, in combination with clarity of color rendering and in areas in which UV protection is of less importance.

AR2 and AR4 are special antireflection coated glasses from the BERLINER GLAS Group and is a wet chemical dip coating process, either double or single side, with high temperature inter-stage curing, providing a “harder-coated” surface layer.

Bespoke Anti-reflection multi-layer
coatings are also available on special order.