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Protection Glass

The use of computer screens and monitors to convey images / data / general information has, over recent years, rapidly expanded into almost every conceivable location.

With rapid developments in telecommunications as well as LCD and Plasma display technology, the need to “protect” the monitor from minor accidental damage right through to malicious vandalism, has become ever more important.

With this need has come the driver for ever complex/multifunctional transparent protection glasses, and has seen the combination of some of the following technologies:

  • Reduced Glare – Daylight Readable Systems
  • Anti-Reflection Coatings
  • Glass/Metal sub-assemblies / boxed constructions
  • Lamination for Safety or with additional EMC shielding / Antireflection…
  • “Ruggedisation” (through thermal toughening)
  • Anti-Scratch coatings
  • Touch Sensor Control
  • Anti-Static

Concentrating more on the bespoke monitor protection glass, SKAN has used its half century of glass technology / experience, to provide highly detailed and often cutting edge technical glass monitor protection solutions.

Skan’s ability to provide top end products, together with the more straightforward glass solutions, has meant there is finally a “one stop shop” for all of your monitor protection glass requirements.

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