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Corporate Signage

Corporate Signage
A NEW addition to the SKAN portfolio, Glass signage for Corporate applications can offer a dynamic and ultra high quality “look” and “feel” to your business premises.

Working with the highest quality glass as a basis for the sign, SKAN can offer an array of glass types and will help you create that DESIGNER feel.  From the clean lines of 6mm clear toughened float glass (with STANDARD CUT SIZES in STOCK) through to specialty colour effect glass types such as VARIOTRANS (offering an ultra modern “prismatic” look), SKAN can DESIGN the look you are after.  Each glass panel has the highest processed specification, with brilliant polished edges, special stress reduction features, and toughened / laminated to surpass the most rigorous safety standards!

Your logo is such an important statement of who you are, why chance low cost temporary graphics which can simply peel away, get defaced and/or degrade over time… Your longevity and stability is ensured by SKAN.  We can etch, engrave and digitally print straight onto the glass to offer you a ROBUST solution.

Digital Printing straight onto the glass provides so many options.  Just provide a high resolution electronic image, and SKAN will provide you with a “VIRTUAL SAMPLE” by email, for you to approve!  What could be simpler?

To finish off the “package”, SKAN offer a range of standard satin finish quality aluminium stand-off fixings (with the option of anti-vandal fixing head).  SKAN also provide a series precision machined / top-end brushed stainless fittings for both 1 and 2 glass sign systems. 
Finally, the latest innovations in LED lighting technology can be offered to illuminate the sign, by pumping light into the sign through an invisible connection within the metal stand-off. Internal light reflections within the glass then pick-up subtly on your logo…Could this new dimension provide you with that elusive difference, that you have been looking for?

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