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Glass for lighting optics


B 270™ and UV-W76 with absorption in the UV range, which offer:

  • High transmittance in the visible wavelength range
  • Extremely stable with regard to UV-radiation (in accordance with internally prescribed test procedures)
  • High thermal and chemical resistance

Forms available:

Drawn flat glass

B 270™ is produced as flat glass, or better known as sheet glass, in a machine drawing process. Due to its fire polished surface, B 270™ sheet glass can often be used without additional surface processing, and often available ex stock.
Semi-finished Blanks

As the applications for this material are so diverse, a wide range of semi-finished products are available. For example, if blanks cannot be used, glass strips provide a flexible alternative.
Blanks are used in a variety of treatment processes (grinding, polishing, hot forming). The maintenance of tight tolerances, even where complex contours are involved, helps to maximize yields and minimize costs.

Glass strips

B 270™ glass strips are manufactured with a slightly undulation in the glass surface, due to the production processes with the edges in the drawn direction having a rounded fire polished shape.
Glass strips can be supplied in thicknesses from 20 to 60 mm. Being 600-750 mm long and 260-350 mm wide, depending on the respective thickness, strips often provide a very flexible start material, for subsequent processing.


Gobs are pre-formed glass drops with at least one smooth side. They reduce the amount of material used in hot forming to a minimum and the amount of treatment required in the subsequent treatment stage.

Optical rods

B 270™ optical rods are manufactured by a continuous draw process and are supplied with a fire polished surface.

Profile rods

The standard types are round and triangular profiles with flat surfaces. Oval, square, rectangular and triangular profiles can also be produced. In addition profiled rods can be shaped to meet customers´ individual requirements, subject to production considerations, with flat, convex or concave surfaces.