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Reflection Control non-glare glass

Micro-etched glass surfaces disturb the normal surface reflectance of glassy surfaces, so that the image can be viewed more clearly.  From the most basic non-glare surfaces used in ART (see section above), controlled etched surfaces are achievable and can be used to tailor the non-glare characteristic to the application.  BERLINER GLAS Group’s NONFLEX Tec etched anti-glare float glass is available in thicknesses of 0.7-3.15 mm (double sided) or 1.0 – 3.15 mm (single sided) with various levels of surface roughness and gloss values, can be tailored to avoid sparkling, and reflection and guarantee clear, true colors (single sided: gloss 75°-95°, double sided: gloss 90°-110°, max. size: 560-580 mm x 825 mm).