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Fast Axis Collimation (FAC) Micro-Lenses

Product Information
FAC micro-lenses are aspheric glass cylindrical lenses with excellent focusing and collimating accuracy. FAC microlenses are used to collimate the laser beam in the “fast axis”.

FAC micro-lenses can be used in a variety of applications, e.g. in high power laser collimators, in light focusing sensors and in illumination applications.
Numerical Aperture: > 0.8
Focal length: 0.6 mm
Back focal length: 0.15 mm
Transmission: > 0.98
Collimation: < 3 mrad
Wavelength: 780 - 1000 nm
Quality Assurance

SPC based measurement techniques are applied including 2d profile measuring instruments like the Taylor Hobson Tallysurf PGI-1240, white light interferometer and atomic force microscope.
Different optical glasses can be used upon request.
Forms of Supply
Dimension: 11.5 mm x 1 mm x 0.8 mm
Other sizes available on request