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Laser Glass

Product Information
A wide variety of solutions are on offer to optical engineers seeking active and passive glass-based materials for laser applications. These materials range from neodymium-doped laser and special filter glasses for use as laser pumping cavity and diagnostic filters, through to ultra-stable glass-ceramic for those sepecialty laser applications requiring the utmost in precision.
There are wide-ranging compositional possibilities of glass in this field.

Glasses can be tailored to your specific application, to fulfill the characteristics needed in high energy, high average power, or integrated optics.

The active range of laser glasses, are phosphate / silicate base compositions.
A comparable range of passive laser glasses are also available for applications such as laser cavities, filter glasses, and high precision.
Forms of Supply

Glasses are available in plate, slab or rod form, with current maximum plate dimensions of 750 x 450 x 50 mm, while our rods are available in diameters up to 50 mm.

Active Glasses  
Phosphate compositions for high energy applications
LG750, LG760, LG770 are glasses that have been developed to meet the needs of the high-energy solid-state laser community. All three glasses exhibit high laser cross-section, low nonlinear refractive index, and thermal resistant characteristics. All are available in a form free of all metallic platinum particles or other inclusions that can exhibit laser damage.

Phosphate based laser glass for high power and ultra-short pulse applications
APG1 and APG2 have enhanced thermal mechanical properties desirable in high average power applications. The lower gain cross-section and long low concentration emission lifetime have made these glasses of interest in applications limited by amplified stimulated emission and/or intended for excitation by diode lasers. These glasses are available in a form free of all metallic platinum particles or other damaging inclusions.

Silicate based laser glass for high repetition rate solid-state laser systems.
 LG680 is the classic laser glass that features a high cross-section, high ultraviolet transmission, and high resistance to solarization.

Active Glass for Integrated Optic Applications
IOG1 was developed specifically for compatibility with known sodium ion exchange technologies for fabrication of active guided wave structures.
IOG2 was developed specifically for high gain applications not using ion exchange technology.
These glasses have particularly found applications with such rare earth ions as erbium, ytterbium, praseodymium, and their combinations.

Passive Glasses

IOG10 was developed specifically for compatibility with known ion exchange technologies, for fabrication of passive guided wave structures.

Laser Cavity Materials
S7010N and S7005 are samarium-doped glasses that block the 1.06 mm wavelength, and UV pumped light from neodymium lasing elements, such as Nd:YAG or Nd:glass rods and slabs.
S7000 is a clear, cerium-doped glass that serves as a UV cutoff material.

ZERODUR® exhibits a near-zero thermal expansion co-efficient, and possesses exceptional long-term dimensional stability and is thus suitable for precision applications within laser systems.

Quality Assurance

Laser glass is subjected to strict quality inspection prior to shipment. The manufacture of Laser glass is closely controlled throughout the entire production process. All delivery lots are tested for refractive index, stress birefringence, striae and bubbles in accordance with DIN ISO 10110.
Test certificates with increased precision (Precision Test Certificates VIS, UV-IR, Super Precision Test Certificate VIS) are available upon request.
The required homogeneity of cut blanks can be confirmed via an interferometer check.

For more information please contact the technical team at Skan