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Molded Aspheric Lenses

Product Information
The manufacture of aspheric lenses using the precision molding process.


  • Digital Still Cameras (DSC)
  • Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras
  • Camcorders
  • Digital Projection
  • Microscopy Eyepiece
  • Binoculars

Several glasses have been identified that are suitable for precision molding due to their low transformation temperatures.
Quality Assurance
Based on statistical process control, as well as on rigorous final inspection, using 2d- and 3d aspheric profile measurement systems, interferometer and atomic force microscope, component conformity can be assured.
Forms of Supply
Lens diameter: 10 to 35 mm
Lens thickness: 3 to 10 mm
Radii / pole radii CC 20 to 250 mm
Radii / pole radii CX 20 to 250 mm


Diameter tolerance: h8
Form error: ≤ 5 fringes (sph. side)*
Form error: ≤ 5 µm PV (asph. side)*
Irregularity: ≤ 2 fringes (sph. side)*
Tilt: ≤ 2´
Surface roughness: < 3 nm rms

* Values strongly depend on lens geometry and glass type