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Plane Parallel Polished Substrates

Product Information
Specialist in the production of thick or thin plane parallel polished substrates of the highest precision, polish quality, surface roughness, flatness and cosmetic surface properties, can be achieved, to meet the tightest of specifications.


  • Optics and electronics
  • Windows,
  • Mirrors
  • Filters
  • Wafer
  • Laser optics
  • Lithography
  • Medical
  • Digital projection
Optical glass
Technical glasses
Filter glass
Fused silica
Borosilicate glass

Forms of Supply

Manufactured to bespoke customer drawings.
Diameter or inscribed rectangle: 1 to 600 mm polishing capability  
Minimum thickness: 0,1 to 0,7 mm, depending on size
Thickness tolerance:  ±0,005 mm  
Roughness: 2 to 7 Angstroms, depending on size and material
Excellent parallelism: up to 5’’ of arc

Quality Assurance

With clean rooms for final inspection and packing, surface quality measured using 200x microscopes and white light interferometers, product conformity is assured

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