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Product Information
Pressings are molded parts mostly with a round cross-section. Rectangular, prismatic and other forms can also be supplied. Ranging in diameters of 5.5 mm to 350 mm and weights of 0.2 g – 6000 g, pressings can also be supplied with tight nd-νd-tolerances.

  • Binoculars
  • 35mm, APS, digital still cameras and video cameras
  • Interchangeable camera lenses
  • Digital projectors
  • Microscopy
  • Medical engineering
  • Reprography 
Optical glasses are divided into glass groups, which include glasses with a similar chemical composition and so also have a similar optical characteristics. The optical positions of the preferred glasses is illustrated in an nd-vd diagram, which is available for download, as is the Optical glass map + Abbe-diagram with data sheet  

Forms of Supply
Pressings are produced according to DIN 58926 and are available for download: @@@@@@@@


Pressings are molded parts mostly with a rounded cross-section, described by: Center thickness, diameter, radius 1, radius 2 and chamfers. Other forms like prisms and plates can also be supplied. As in all forms of optical glass supplied the optical and internal properties are also more precisely specified.
Depending on the glass type, quantity and dimensions, it might be more economic to produce direct pressings, which will be reviewed in consultation. A detailed description of the properties is listed is available for download:

Quality Assurance

All the pressing production stages are continuously monitored, followed by an elaborate final inspection, where the final test certificate documents are generated.

For more information please contact the technical team at Skan