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Glass processing

An almost infinite variety of shapes and compositions can be achieved today with glass. SKAN processes a wide range of different types of glass in thicknesses of 0.5 mm to 19 mm. The various types of glass can be processed and refined using a wide variety of techniques, such as grinding, polishing, drilling, sandblasting, molding and toughening. This allows for even the most challenging customer demands to be met.    
B270™ Superwite:
High transparency B270™ Superwite, is a low iron glass for technical applications. High transmittance, even with greater thicknesses. Also available as profile rod.    
KG1 glass:
Cold light or thermal protection glass with radiation absorption in the infrared range.    
White flashed opal glass Machine drawn two layer glass with almost ideal light diffusion in visible range of the spectrum.    
Float glass:
Glass manufactured using the float process. Available in various colors.  
Mirrored glass:
Mirrored glass with chrome coating.    
UVILEX® 390 Z:
UV-barrier filter glass that reduces ultraviolet radiation from artificial light sources.    
Glass with high chemical resistance, low thermal expansion and high temperature resistance.    
Optical interference anti-reflective glass, dip-coated on both sides, with various transmittances, eliminating reflections.  
Coloured glass:
Machine drawn colored glass with smooth (IMERA) and structured (ARTISTA®) surfaces in a wide range of colors.