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Coverglass D 263 M for microscopy
D 263 M cover glass is a colorless borosilicate glass with very low iron content. Its composition assures excellent resistance to chemical attack. D 263 M meets the requirements laid down in ISO 8255-1.

The outstanding features of D 263 M include:

  • Virtually colorless appearance
  • Excellent internal glass quality with very low levels of inclusions, striae, bubbles, streaks, etc.
  • High spectral transmission
  • Exceptional cutting and grinding characteristics
  • Excellent flatness
  • Optimum resistance to chemical attack
  • Refractive index finely adapted to microscopes

D 263 M is used as coverglass in microscopy for medical, biological and research work.
Spectral transmittance (d=0.15 mm)
Between 0.15 und 0.40 mm glass thicknesses, the light transmittance is τVA = 91.8%. In the visible range of the spectrum D 263 M is without absorption. The excellent UV absorption properties makes D 263 M an ideal material for use in fluorescence microscopy.

Optical properties:

Refractive indices (directive values)
ne (λ = 546.1 nm): 1.5255 ± 0.0015
nD (λ = 589.3 nm): 1.5230
Abbe value νe : 55

Chemical properties:

Hydrolytic class: HGB 1
(DIN-ISO 719)

Dimensions available on request