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Signal Optics glasses

Regulations have become more stringent for safety and unambiguous recognition of air traffic signals on airfields.

In line with these new requirements, signal optics glasses for air traffic require to fulfill all of the following:
The signal colors comply with national or international standards
The light distribution complies with standards over the spatial angle ranges
Other optical components located inside the signal source to be protected

A large variety of optics are available, which fulfill these different lighting requirements.

Product range:

  • Beacon marking installation surface mounted and fitted below the surface
  • Approach path beacons
  • Take-off and landing beacons
  • Taxiway beacons
  • Obstacle and hazard beacons
  • Apron beacons
  • Lights on aircraft and helicopters
  • Navigation lights
  • Anti-collision lights
  • Take-off and landing lights
  • Loading area and taxiing lights
  • General illumination lights
  • in the form of:
  • Refractors
  • Covers
  • Diffusion disks
  • Ground beacons
  • Cover glasses