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Technical Design

“Designing with glass” can be a daunting task!

Tolerances, stringent requirements, technical specifications, applications with other materials… It’s not easy, but here at Skan,  we use our expertise to make it less daunting for you.

With 60 years continuous trading experience in this unique and highly diverse material type, SKAN is continually at the forefront of developments and solutions.

Immersed day-to-day, in the detailed manufacture / processing / decorating and assembly techniques with glassy materials, SKAN offers a unique combination of:

HIGH TECHNICAL COMPETENCY – With 60 years trading in glass comes knowledge and know-how thats second-to-none within the UK!

RELIABLE TRACK RECORD – As you’d expect, our history in the industry means we have a comprehensive list of highly successful applications that are both “tried and tested".

INNOVATION DRIVEN – We continually seek-out new materials / processes / partners with which we “push the boundaries” of glass applications, and one's which work for you!

VERY WELL CONNECTED – Together with our strong / stable global business partners, we offer a unique single access point for UK business, accessing global market intelligence to solve YOUR LOCAL glass requirements.

So we hope you are reassured that ”designing with glass” in conjunction with SKAN really isn't so daunting after all...   

Please contact the team at SKAN.

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