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With 17,000 employees behind you, SKAN has access to almost every conceivable glass material and processing capability available, globally

General SCHOTT JENASCHOTT Factory in Mainz - GERMANY   General SCHOTT 19965SCHOTT Head Office in Mainz, GERMANY

With such a huge alliance as SCHOTT and SKAN own in-house stock holding and processing capability, we can offer a service that really is second to none, within the UK!

Homepage Hometech RollingRolled Glass Production at SCHOTTHometech Flatglass 2Glass taken off-line for inspection at SCHOTT

Hometech Flatglass 3GLASS STOCKS at SCHOTT Industrial Glass SCAN processing division in UKSKAN processing division in UK 

Special Applications Laser ProcessingLaser Scribing at SchottSpecial Applications InspectionClean Room Inspection/Assembly

For 60 years our exclusive arrangements with SCHOTT into the UK market, has provided our customers with a one-stop-shop for most glass materials available from our own comprehensive UK stocks.  


SKAN really are very well connected - TOGETHER with our strong/stable global business partners, such as the SCHOTT group, we offer a unique single access point for UK business, accessing blogal market intelligence to solve YOUR LOCAL glass problems.


General SCHOTT GuinchardThe SCHOTT Guinchard Facility

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